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3 Month Intensive Bootcamp · Certified

Become an Android Developer in 12 Weeks

Your fast track to in-demand development jobs for 2022! Learn to build professional Android apps from scratch in this intensive bootcamp, led by our team of industry experts. Build your development portfolio and get hired faster.

Enrollment ends in...

3 Weeks
28 Days
10 Hrs
15 Min
34 Sec

12 weeks + interview prep

20-25 hrs/week
Enroll by

August 15, 2022

Immediate access to materials at enrollment

Basic development knowledge

See prerequisites below

Accelerator: Android Bootcamp Details

Build apps just like the pros! Get a strong foundation by starting with fundamentals in Kotlin, the modern programming language behind many Android apps. Then you’ll move to building modern, stylish apps in Android Studio, Google’s integrated development environment. You’ll start by building flexible, responsive layouts, and then bring more logic and complexity into your apps as you tackle navigation, networking, concurrency, background processing, data persistence, debugging, dependency injection, and animations to round out your Android knowledge. By the end of this accelerated bootcamp, you’ll have real-world Android development skills, along with solid portfolio and interview preparation, that will put you ahead of the rest in the Android job market.

Prerequisites: You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting deadlines and devoting at least 25 hours per week to your work, including two one-hour live classes per week. You’ll need a Google Play developer account, and a computer with one of the following installed: Windows 8/10, a Mac with Mojave 10.14, or 64-bit Linux distro supporting Gnome, KDE, Unity DE, with glibc 2.31. As well, it will be useful to have some basic coding knowledge, and an Android phone to test your apps.

Week 1

This is your hands-on introduction to the tools and platforms you’ll be working with throughout this accelerated bootcamp. You’ll get a solid overview of Android Studio, Kotlin programming basics, XML, app structure, emulators, Views, Activities, and Git/GitHub, along with starting your very first Android app!

You’ll conquer the basics of creating Android user interfaces, starting with layouts such as LinearLayout, then switch to using the newer ConstraintLayout.


Week 2

Now that you’ve gotten well into your first app, you’ll go under the hood to take a deeper look at the open source programming language, Kotlin! Learn the fundamental building blocks of Kotlin, through hands-on exercises with data types, comparison and logical operators, loops, control flow, functions, classes as custom types, and more.


Week 3

This week you'll review some function and lambda fundamentals in Kotlin. You'll also practice writing lambdas and using them to manipulate collections with hands-on challenges.

Then, you'll move on to build your Kotlin skills in writing custom types: classes, interfaces, enum classes, and more. You'll learn about features they share, and some of the functionality that makes each unique.


Week 4

With some solid Kotlin skills in your toolbox, it’s time to build out your next project. Level up with Recycler Views, saving data, using multiple activities and integrating fragments.

You’ll then investigate Jetpack Navigation to simplify navigation in your app and to help you visualize your app’s navigation flow. You will also look at things such as animations and deep links to your app.


Week 5

Leverage the power of Android networking to communicate with the world around you! Learn about HTTP, JSON, REST and all the other cool and important abbreviations in the world of networking! Implement the Retrofit library in Android and add interceptors, parsers, and Kotlin Coroutines to your app as well.


Week 6

Modern Android apps are complex in nature; you have to simultaneously handle user input, network requests, data persistence and other processing tasks all at the same time. That’s why you’ll dive into the inner workings of threads and coroutines, along with learning the basics of the Kotlin Coroutines framework.

You’ll also start investigating the Model-View-ViewModel architecture and how this affects the structure of your app.


Week 7

Carrying on with concurrent, performant apps, you’ll learn all about background processing in Android and about the different background processing options the Android ecosystem provides, including WorkManager, JobScheduler, Services, AsyncTasks and the AlarmManager. You’ll learn what each concept brings to the table, and how they affect your app's performance!


Week 8

Storing data for your apps and retrieving it later is an important skill — and there’s multiple ways to store that data. You’ll investigate multiple methods of persisting data on Android, including Android DataStore, the Android File system, and Room Database.


Week 9

Coding is great, until you hit that one bug that you just can’t fix! Learn the fundamentals of debugging in Android, including how to create log statements, add breakpoints to your code, use the Android Studio profiling tools and much more. You’ll also write your first tests for your app, using MockK to learn how unit testing and testing in general works in the Android ecosystem.


Week 10

Dependency Injection (DI) supports the SOLID principles of app design by decoupling the creation and the usage of an object. Thus, it allows you to replace dependencies without changing the class that uses them and also reduces the risk of modifying a class because one of its dependencies changed. Learn how to use Koin to bring DI to your projects.


Week 11

Apps truly come alive with delightful animations to engage and interest the user. To improve your app, you’ll add meaningful motion to your apps using simple and complex animations and data set changes. You’ll also get started building beautiful and fluid UI with Jetpack Compose.


Week 12

You’re nearly done! This week is dedicated to polishing your capstone portfolio apps, and your instructors will also be available to help you out with the more esoteric elements of Android app building.


Week 13

It’s graduation week! All of your hard work has paid off, and you’re nearly done. But just before you head out into the job search market with your new-found skills, you’ll spend the week preparing for the job search and interview process with your expert mentors.

You’ll learn what stands out to recruiters, how to handle technical interviews, and other tactics that will put you ahead of the competition in your job search as a new Android developer.

Kodeco certificate

Android & Kotlin Developer

Build modern, stylish apps in Android Studio, Google’s integrated development environment, using the latest frameworks and techniques. From basic logic, to advanced concepts like networking, concurrency, design patterns, portfolio development and interview preparation, you’ll gain in-demand real-world Android development skills that will put you ahead of the rest in the Android app developer job market.

Need to prepare?

If you’ve got a little bit of app development experience, or have gone through our free course, Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch, you’re ready for the next step.

This Accelerator bootcamp involves hands-on programming in Kotlin through the Android Studio IDE, as well as other external tools like Git and GitHub.

Concepts covered

  • Android + Kotlin development
  • Professional app building
  • Portfolio development
  • Interview prep

What To Expect

Real-world skills

With real world projects taught by industry experts, gain an advantage and get hired with in-demand tech skills.

Flexible learning program

Learn when you want, where you want. Our program is offered online, so you can progress through our bootcamps on your own time and work around your busy schedule.

Full mentor support

Our mentors are professional developers themselves, and they’ll be there through the whole bootcamp to answer your questions, and to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Portfolio development

Put your best work forward with your polished capstone projects that you can proudly show to prospective employers, to help you stand out from other applicants and put you ahead of your competition.

Program Offerings Enrollment includes:
Class Content

Content co-created with industry experts

Real-world projects

Hands-on coding experience

Feedback from advanced mentors

Student Services

Technical mentor support


Right-sized student cohorts


Online community features

Career Services

Interview preparation

Online profile management

Networking strategies

Learn with the best

Zac Lippard

Android instructor

Zac resides in Murrieta, CA where he works as a Senior Mobile Engineer for Zillow. With over 12 years of experience developing Android applications, Zac has fostered a passion for the platform. He enjoys mentorship and training engineers within the mobile space. Aside from software engineering, Zac enjoys hiking with his family, fishing, stargazing and living vicariously through No Man's Sky.

Fuad Kamal

Android instructor

Fuad provides mobile strategy, architecture & development for the Health & Fitness markets . He is the author of The Kotlin Book: an introduction to Android development for iOS Developers , and author and technical editor on other Kotlin / Android books and articles from Kodeco. He was one of the mentors for the first RW mentorship program in 2020.

Jenn Bailey

Android instructor

Jenn is a CS professor for Aims Community College in Colorado and teaches certificate programs for .NET and Mobile App devs, and used to build .NET applications in C# for the financial industry. Jenn is the Mountain Region Mentor for Google Developer Group and has been an active part of GDG for over a decade. She also enjoys time with her daughter, pets, and walks in the beautiful setting of Northern Colorado.

Kelvin Pere

Android instructor

Kelvin Pere is an Android Developer currently working with the Kodeco Video Team as a Technical Editor for some of the courses. When not programming, he loves to watch TV series and write technical articles.

Top Student Reviews

Julian Martinez @ActualJulianM

Thanks! iOS beginner path tutorials in combination with the apprentice books have been awesome on reinforcing and building on concepts so far!

Jul 20
Vakas @Veezia

I haven't found single event where I am working on some feature and I haven't referred to rayWenderlich material. From my early days adopting iOS till now, raywenderlich resources have helped me become a better developer every day

May 23
Tara @taraw

I love @rwenderlich articles, videos, and tutorials... They are the BEST! Want to learn some new programming skills, look no further

Dec 8
Jesus Fabian @jfabian100

There are not enough hours in the day to go through all the amazing content you guys put out, ugh !!

Aug 5
Tukach Shakur @its_kachi

I love you guys so much @raywenderlich. You EASILY have some of the best coding tutorials on the entire Internet. Please keep up the amazing work!!

Jul 18
Leandro @leandro2tweet

@raywenderlich isn't only one of the best resources to learn mobile development, but is also so kind to share my first brand new app I've made in these crazy times. Thank you so much!

Apr 3

Program Details

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Become an Android Developer in 12 Weeks

Your fast track to in-demand development jobs for 2022! Learn to build professional Android apps from scratch in this intensive bootcamp, led by our team of industry experts. Build your development portfolio and get hired faster.

Enrollment ends in...

3 Weeks
28 Days
10 Hrs
15 Min
34 Sec